Wednesday, February 17, 2021

A Father's Legacy - Your Life Story in Your Own Words

 In What Ways are You Like Your Father, P39

Besides good looking? 

Like any boy I did every thing my dad did. He was a sailor, so I got my mouth washed out with a bar of soap many times. The last time my mom said, “I should be using this on your father.” I said, “I wish you would.” 

Dad had a temper and didn’t have a clue what patience was. My first father-in-law was the opposite. I tried to be around him more and prayed my boys would grow up to be just like him. 

Turns out we’re all different, but a little of everyone else shows up now and then. When my first son, Charlie, was born there was a father with a young son in the waiting room. The boy was crawling all over him and his dad was hugging and kissing him. I thought, “You can do that?” 

Still I honored my father and loved him for who he was. I’m thankful that God taught me how to forgive, like He forgave me.