Monday, July 26, 2021

Near a Wedding in Cana

I met this Arab mason after leaving the place in Cana where a wedding may have occurred. Six clay pots were on display to indicate that Jesus turned the water in to wine.

It was one of our first days in Israel and I was still feeling the effects of the time change... the look on my face couldn't hide it.

He was on a break with his fellow mason. I struck up a conversation with him and it was more like sign language as he showed me his hot plate and kettle. He offered me a very small cup of his "coffee" and a little wafer.

I looked at our tour guide, he grinned and encouraged me to take it. I did. I grin a lot too, so I know it's not always a good thing.

Now, I've had espresso before, but this one had a nice kick. I was the only one on the bus bouncing around like a first grader with ADHD!

I liked to get away from the crowd so I could take pictures in Israel with no pilgrims in them. It was easier to imagine what Israel looked like 2,000 years go without someone in cargo shorts and Nike shoes. 

Meeting people like these two masons was an added bonus. They were very nice to me and I was glad I accepted their gifts of friendship. I'm sure we could have been good friends.

Who knows, I might have even got an invite to his wedding. 


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  1. Very neat how the six water pots were there in Cana and it triggered your memory to the gospel of John!

    There is so much in this storyline! The pots that Jesus used to turn water into wine were made out of stone. (John 2:6.) Rock, Water and Wine. Christ is our rock, and water came from the rock. Living water speaks of Christ as well as this water being turned into wine signifying the shedding His blood.

    Praise God!